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    The Beer Chicks

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  • Description

    This will give you all the equipment you need to brew one of our 2.5-3 gallon recipes.  Once you’ve made this investment, you can brew awesome beer at home for the rest of your life!  These are the basic tools we feel are necessary to brew some damn good beer at home!  Don’t forget to sanitize your equipment when you brew! 

    Included in the kit are:

    • 5 gallon branded food grade plastic bucket
    • 3 gallon glass carboy
    • Brew spoon, stainless steel, 21”

    • Floating thermometer, food safe

    • Hydrometer, food safe

    • Reusable grain bag with drawstring, 8”x15”

    • Sanitizer, 4 oz

    • Auto Siphon, 3/8”

    • Siphon tubing, 3/8”x6’

    • Airlock

    • Stopper, #7

    • Bottle filler, 3/8” with spring valve

    • Bottle capper, wing type

    • Carboy brush, 29”

    Descriptions of Equipment:

    5 gallon Food Grade Plastic Bucket
    This handy bucket can be used for fermentation, secondary, and/or as your bottling bucket.  It also comes with a lid with a hole in the top in case you want to use an airlock on it and have it be a fermentation vessel.

    3 gallon Glass Carboy
    This will be your primary fermentation vessel, so you can see your beer become beer!  We love the glass carboy because it allows you to see the beer fermenting and glass stays cleaner and is less likely to harbor bacteria than plastic.

    Stainless Steel Brew Spoon
    You'd be amazed at how all the spoons you have in your kitchen drawer are all too short to stir your beer in your brewpot!  This one is a generous 21". This stainless steel spoon is easily sanitized as well.

    Floating Thermometer

    It’s important to take the temperature of your beer at different points in the process (for example, before you pitch your yeast).  This floating thermometer makes it super easy.

    This handy dandy tool is used to take the Original Gravity and Final Gravity measurements of your brew.  Using these two numbers, you can determine the beer’s alcohol by volume.

    Grain Bag with Drawstring
    This will be used much like a giant tea bag.  You will put your steeping grains (specialty barley grains) into this bag, sometimes with other ingredients, to steep in hot water like tea.  This will add flavor and color to your brew. Reusable. (8" x 15")

    It’s essential to sanitize all of your equipment when you brew!  This is an easy-to-use sanitizer, simply follow the directions on the bottle.  Add this sanitizer only to already cleaned equipment.  Use 1 oz per 5 Gallons of water.  You do not need to rinse after using this solution. (4 oz)

    Auto Siphon
    This will allow you to easily transfer your beer from one place to another. (For example, from the fermentation vessel to the bottling bucket).  Do not use with hot wort! It may melt.  Simply attach to siphon tubing and pump the auto siphon to begin the flow of liquid. (3/8")

    Siphon Tubing
    This will be connected to the siphon for transferring and to the bottle filler for bottling. (3/8" x 6")

    This cool invention will be added to a hole in the top of the plastic bucket or to the rubber stopper that plugs up the glass carboy, depending upon which vessel you are using to ferment your beer.  This will protect anything (bacteria, flies) from getting into your brew, while allowing bubbles from the CO2 created in fermentation out.  

    Rubber Stopper (#7)
    This will plug up the top of the carboy to protect the beer.  There is a hole in the plug for the bottom of the airlock.

    Bottle Filler
    The spring valve on this filler makes bottling so easy!  Attach this to the siphon tubing and the other end to the autosiphon. You’ll siphon from your bottling bucket and place the end of the bottle filler into a clean, sanitized bottle.  Push down on the bottle bottom to make the beer flow, simply lift up to make it stop. (3/8")

    Bottle Capper
    This fastens caps onto a beer bottle to create a safe, secure seal for the beer.  Set the cap on the bottle, place center of bottle capper on top of the bottle, push down on the ‘wings’ and there you go! (wing type)

    Carboy Brush
    This helps you clean out a carboy when you’re ready to brew a new beer, and its really hard without one. (29")

    Not Included:
    Brew Pot 
    Bottle Caps