• Measuring Made Easy - The Dipstick Trick

    Late one night at the hazy end of our homebrew club’s annual holiday party after many samples of homebrew, we were feeling free enough to share what we each hated about homebrewing. "Measuring" was our loud, slightly slurred, complaint. To which a brewing genius replied, “Why don’t you just use a dipstick?”

    After we figured out he wasn’t insulting us, we listened intently as he explained. “Get an eighteen-inch plastic brewing spoon (that you’ll use for brewing anyway), then pour known amounts of water into your brew pot to ‘calibrate’ the spoon as a dipstick. Notch the spoon with a knife or mark it with a permanent marker at ½-gallon intervals as far as you need to.” 

    Voilà! No more measuring and pouring (for the most part)! The suggestion was duh simple but so perfect. 

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