• Brewing - How It's Done

    Basic Brewing Steps

    The following list makes up the bare-bones basic steps to making beer, in order of when they are done and our honest feelings about performing them:

    1. Steeping/mashing the grains (unless brewing all-extract) (cool!)
    2. Boiling the wort (comforting)
    3. Adding the hops (smells good)
    4. Cooling the wort (kind of boring)
    5. Sanitizing (sucks)
    6. Pitching the yeast (exciting!)
    7. Waiting for fermentation (sucks)
    8. Bottling or kegging (both exciting and annoying)
    9. Waiting for bubbles (blows)
    10. Drinking! (euphoric!)

    OK, so that’s the basic truth of it. See, it’s not easy, but it’s not hard, and in the end we promise you’ll feel that euphoria we feel.  Click to download an in-depth look at each step.  Your recipe will give you step-by-step directions, and The Beer Chicks’ Brew Shop offers descriptions of all of the equipment in your Brew Kit.  For more detailed information and more recipes, purchase our book The Naked Brewer: Fearless Homebrewing, Tips, Tricks and Rule-Breaking Recipes.  Available on this website as well.

    Detailed Brewing Instructions

    Don't forget to have enough beer to drink while you brew!

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